Building a national permafrost picture benefits everyone

Up until now, multiple institutions across Russia monitor permafrost and focus on local results. Oil and gas industries do not share their permafrost results with each other. Human impact from energy industries has cumulatively increased permafrost temperature which further affects their infrastructure. The researchers recommend a new state monitoring system which can be linked to other international monitoring systems.

Permafrost, FlorenceD-pix available at

They studied previous approaches and newer technologies used to monitor the impact of permafrost thaw on energy infrastructure. They focused on research about fossil fuel infrastructure and residential infrastructure includng articles written in Russian that are not available elsewhere.

Prior to the design of the state permafrost monitoring network, we considered modern methods and technologies, the possibilities of their use for frozen soils, ways of integrating various systems of background (in natural conditions) and geotechnical (in disturbed areas) monitoring, into a system of observations, analysis, forecast and technical solutions, to ensure the stability and safety of infrastructure in the Arctic…

…Soil temperature in the upper layers for the last 30 years has increased by more than 1.5/2.5 °C in some arears of the Russian Arctic. In the tundra of the European territory of Russia, the permafrost temperature rose to −0.2/−1 °C. In the forest tundra and southern tundra of Western Siberia, at conditions of discontinuous and continuous permafrost, the temperature has increased by more than 1.5 °C over the past 20 years

Melnikov et al (2022)

A national systen will help with forecasting future impact, together with global trends, providing a useful resource beyond energy infrastructure.

Melnikov VP, Osipov VI, Brouchkov AV, Badina SV, Sadurtdinov MR, Drozdov DS, Malkova GV, Zheleznyak MN, Zhdaneev OV, Ostarkov NA, Osokin AB, Sergeev DO, Dubrovin VA, Kuznetsov ME, Frolov KN, Alekseev AG, Fedorov RY. Past and Future of Permafrost Monitoring: Stability of Russian Energetic Infrastructure. Energies. 2022; 15(9):3190.

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