Great Norilsk Expedition results in 2023

In 2020, scientists from across 14 branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences began the expedition in Taymyr. They are assessing the state of Arctic ecosystems in the area.

Early results of impacts on Arctic waters, via TASS and the Institute of Biophysics (EN) at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB-RAS); and the TASS special project series (EN)

Beginning the Great Norilsk Expedition in the Russian Arctic, other videos at

Full results will probably be released in Q1, 2023, available via SB-RAS. Initially designed to assess the environmental impact of the fuel spill by Norilsk Nickel, it included surface waters, soils, sediment, vegetation, animals and permafrost. They also recommend additional measures to remove pollution and rehabilitate polluted ecosystems.

Additional biodiversity studies assessed environmental impact from Norilsk’s operations to help inform future Arctic eco-assessment and planning. Scientists lived in the region and completed fieldwork including soil and water sampling to review the affected ecosystems. Additional permafrost field studies were completed by collecting samples from boreholes and sensors.

Geologists, zoologists, biochemical, microbiologists and other scientists also took samples which will provide useful baselines for future Arctic and climate research beyond the original requirements of the expedition. They have 1500 samples from over 30 zones:

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