Are Russians eco-conscious?

Kurbanov and Prokhoda  recently studied the level of climate change awareness among Russians. They analysed the relationship between ecological knowledge and attitudes towards environment with an ‘ecological behaviour model’.

The model considers ecological knowledge as a basis for environmental friendly behaviour and active engagement in public action towards climate change. They explore the links between the awareness about global warming, degree of concern, individual norms, such as responsibility in combating climate change, and behavioural attitudes.

The results show that Russians are quite indifferent to climate change, as most of the participants didn’t show even basic ecological knowledge. The level of awareness in Russia is quite low compared to the EU citizens. Also, the direct correlation between economic well-being and individual agency towards climate change, typical for Europeans, does not exist in Russia.

Kurbanov and Prokhoda point on the Russian educational system, which gives a little room to the environmental issues and the promotion of individual and public agency.

In Russia, high education does not equal high eco-education, as the issues of environment are not sufficiently taught in schools neither in universities. They believe establishing pro-environmental culture in Russia requires changes not only in educational system, but throughout whole national policies.

Original source (in Russian): Kurbanov A.R., Prokhoda V.A. (2019) Ecological culture: an empirical projection (attitudes of Russians towards climate change). Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes. No. 4. P. 347—370.


Front photo with thanks to Alexey Litvinov

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